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The following Advertising and Marketing services: Market Research, Marketing Plan Development, Graphic Design, Website (Web 2.0) creation and design, Print design and layout, 2-D & 3-D animation, compositing, Videography and Digital Video Editing in both SD and HD, Digital Audio recording and Editing, DVD authoring for Blu-Ray, and more.


HD Television Commercials, DVDs, Blu-Ray DVDs, Radio Commercials, Print Ads, Logos, Letterhead, Identity Packages, Sales and Marketing Videos, Public Relations (PR) Campaigns, Press Releases, Email Campaigns, Web 2.0 Websites, HTML Websites, Flash Websites, Web Videos, Email Radio Commercials, and more.


The "un-Agency," long-standing clients - many over ten years. Our philosophy is: Hire smart, passionate people. Provide an environment where risk-taking is encouraged, and where personal and professional growth is a focus. Produce awesome work at a fair price through efficiency, and always deliver on time, and within budget.


Living art

Living Art

The Saint Louis Zoo Commissioned this Video Art piece from Illustrated Man to draw attention to its $120 million fundraising campaign, “The Living Promise.” Its title “Living Art,” refers to the campaign itself, as well as the Zoo animals as living art.


House of Cards Episode 3, Season 2

Illustrated Man was hired to do second unit directing for Episode 3, Season 2 of the Netflix Original Series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. IM used its 4K Digital Cinemetography camera, the SONY FS-700 to shoot for the Emmy and Golden Globe winning drama.


The Muny TV Commercial

IM produced a film-quality high-definition television commercial for the Muny. The spot was shot in in genuine slow motion (over-cranked), and the footage was captured at rates almost double to those used in the most recent Star Wars film that used High-Def cameras to capture all of its on-screen actors.

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